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“There is drama and heartache here, insights in the light and darkness of humanity’s soul. This book makes you think.”
Phil Parker, author

"A mesmerizing mix of genres: A dash of Starship Troopers mixed teasingly with Memento, spiced with a haunting blend of Black Mirror."
Roland Yeomans, author

“This science fiction, action thriller story begins and ends with a fast paced storyline.”
The Happy Booker

“This story is full of twists that kept me turning the page…”
L.G. Keltner, author

“Big Red captures these dreams of extraterrestrial exploration and adds the exciting question of ‘what if?’"
Bitty Book Nook Book Reviews

"This is a military sci-fi that reminded me a lot of Heinlein’s Starship Troopers"
Lynda R. Young, author

"Every time I thought I had the story figured out Larkin threw another curveball, and I could barely keep up. It felt like the Twilight Zone or Black Mirror…”
C. D. Gallant King, author

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