Release date – May 7, 2024
305 pages
Fantasy Adventure Fictiion, War & Military Action Fiction, Adventure Stories & Action

Death stalks the jungles of the landmass, on two legs and four.

On an isolated continent where dinosaurs still roam, the Dead Mudder legion must embark on a perilous mission to steal great-lizard eggs for use in war. Led by Captain Dustn, alongside the fierce Cohort Sergeant Ullndu and enigmatic tracker Boy, they navigate treacherous terrain and cunning predators.

As the Dead Mudders delve deeper into unexplored territory, mysterious forces emerge, hinting at secrets untold. With alliances tested and dangers lurking, every step could be their last. In a bid to succeed, they face ancient beasts and traverse the blurred lines between friend and foe.

In this unforgiving land, mastery of lizard skin and sharpened steel determines survival.